Laptops can get slow over a period of time. They require regular maintenance and care. As you use the system, the system becomes slow due to many reasons. When the laptop is new it quickly boots up because the memory is free and capable. But once you start using, you install many software and load much data. This will reduce the speed of the laptop. As you start browsing and perform other functions on the laptop, the junk data gets stored. All the waste needs to be cleared on a regular basis to maintain a perfect system. Here is some popular system maintenance software you can install to keep your laptop running smoothly.

Disk Cleaner

Disk cleaner software will repair and defragment your device to help it function smoothly and efficiently. There is a possibility of error files getting stored in the laptop. They need to be removed to help the laptop function efficiently. Utilities like disk cleaners are coded to help in deletion of the unnecessary files. These files are generally stored as junk files in temporary internet folders. Erasing these files on a regular basis should be performed to free up space on the drives. This software can fix minor bugs and provide an improved task scheduler

Antivirus Software

Antivirus software protects the laptop from hacker attacks and other bugs. This software detects and removes bugs that could have entered the laptop while you browse the internet. An anti-virus program checks for errors at regular intervals and always scans every webpage for virus, spyware and malware. The program will immediately send an alert if there is any malicious activity.

System meter

The laptop system needs to be monitored for performance. There are efficient system meters designed that help fulfill the above criteria. These various meter software help in checking how much disk space is utilized, what is the amount of free space available, how the CPU of the machine is being used, the network traffic usage and other specifications.

Battery tools

The battery is the essential component of the laptop. It needs to be regularly checked for performance. To maintain battery health, ensure you charge up your battery only after it is fully drained. Users can choose from different battery performance software. There are different versions and compositions of the battery software that you can compile and install on your system. There is software that tests for the load on the battery when it is put to usage. This software tests in all the modes of operation- Normal battery set-up and Energy saving mode. Some software aid in constructing a detailed graph on how the battery power changes. It helps optimize laptop performance.

CPU tester

CPU maintenance software will monitor and record the work done by the CPU. These even provide a report if there are programs that are not functioning properly as designed. These help in maintaining the stability of the CPU as well as checking the motherboard for errors. Some software also provides speed tests reports for the CPU.
This will be a pretty basic article, but if you just started using your laptop, then this will be a great way to learn about the additional programs you need to have. So, what is Software? Basically, software is the instruction or data required to run any program on the computer. Every laptop comes with basic software applications like a simple text editor. But apart from the most basic applications, your laptop needs a few more must for optimum capacity. Let us learn about these must have software application in details:
  1. Anti-virus software: The first and the foremost application your laptops needs is the anti-virus software. With so many potential viruses, your laptop needs protection and anti-virus software does the needful. It prevents your laptop from malware infections, online threats, social media threats, phishing scams, and unwanted pop-up advertisements. Once you have installed this software, you can relax as you are safe from all types of viruses. This software scans and detects any threat to your computer with its timely scans.
  2. Anti-Spyware / Anti-Malware Software: Did you know that there are potential hackers waiting to steal data from your computer? This software is a must for every laptop as there is so much risk of data being hacked by hackers. It does not take a hacker long to figure out your bank account details and personal data. Your computers security should be your first priority. In this case, an anti-spyware software comes to your rescue. This software helps to detect suspicious file behavior. The best part of this software is that while it’s scanning the data, it does not hamper your laptop speed.
  3. Browser Software: A so called web browser enables you to open, read and access the internet. There are web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. The best web browser should be fast, safe and be compatible with your operating system. It should be user-friendly and should be able to load fast. This web browser software application also gives customized toolbar, search engine, and bookmarks. You can also open multiple browsers at a single time. Though no browser is safe and does pose a threat for identity theft and malware attacks, there are some browsers that do have advanced security features. This coupled with your anti-virus and common snse will prevent potentially harmful websites from damaging or hacking your system.
  4. Aadobecrobat PDF: PDF is also known as Portable Document Format invented by Adobe. This software is basically used for downloading word documents, merging or splitting documents, watermarking the documents or just simply read them. PDF documents can be sent anywhere just like an email. You can edit and share the PDF file contents. Many businesses prefer this software application as they have to deal with documents on daily basis. This software is compatible with any operating system.
Software applications are made for the benefit of the user. The data you access on your laptop is a gateway to many potential and illegal hackers and threats. Hence before downloading or installing any application, make sure, that the application is authentic and legal. All websites are not trustworthy. Some software applications are free or easily downloadable and some are paid. When it comes to your laptop’s security and safety, do not compromise.