5 signs that your laptop power supply Is faulty

Is the power supply to your laptop not right? You may not know always beforehand that it is faulty or failing, but there are definitely some signs that will indicate that your laptop power supply is faulty.

1. Frequent crashes and instability:

Watch the signs when your laptop crashes. Does it crash when hard or optical drives start back up during booting up or when you load a game with a detailed sequence? These activities need more power supply and when it causes crashing, and then your power supply might be faulty. Also, be aware of random reboots and lockups that cause instability in the machine as they may also be due to a faulty power supply.

2. Strange noises/odour or smoke:

Are you hearing strange noises in your laptop? Check from where these noises emit, if it is close to the area of the power supply, then it may be faulty. Also, check for signs of the sound of the fan. Is it too loud or very quiet? That might also be an indicator of a faulty power supply.
Sometimes the wires inside the power supply cord can burn and can emit a strange odour like a smell of chemicals or something burning. In some instances, if smoke emits out of the power supply, then it needs to be replaced immediately before something extreme like bursting or blow out happens.

3. Nothing happens when you switch on the computer,:

When nothing happens when you switch on the computer, then it may be a power supply problem. Because even if a laptop is broken, when the power supply is good, there will be some indication it is turning on like the fan running, or the LED indicator turning up. But if it remains dead when everything is alright, then it will be a power supply fault. Get it checked with a technical professional.

4. Laptop turns off automatically or battery won’t charge:

Everything seems to be operating right, but all of a sudden if your laptop frequently switches off or if the battery does not charge even after removing it and putting it back, then the power supply needs to be checked. When the power supply area is hotter than usual or if it emits wrong voltage than required, the laptop will turn off frequently or it might switch on for a few seconds before going blank.

5. Intermittent display of blue screen of death:

Are you constantly seeing an intermittent display of the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) on your laptop? It is usually due to a critical error and sometimes due to software crashes or faulty hardware. But when all seems fine, it may be due to a faulty power supply.
The laptop power supply can be faulty sometimes when you don’t use the right charger for your laptop. Try not to buy ‘Universal’ power adapters as they may not suit all models. Also, as soon as you suspect a fault in your power supply replace them as soon as possible, as a delay might lead to bigger laptop failures