10 ways to enhance your laptop’s battery life

The laptop has over the years evolved and ensured that we take a step ahead towards digitalization conveniently. Easy to carry, convenient to use, a laptop is indispensable in modern human life. However, every once in a while, if not vigilant, there arises a situation when the laptop’s battery is almost drained out without a power source in reach. In that scenario, if you are in the middle of getting some important work done, it becomes imperative to keep in mind the ways enlisted below to extract a little more out of your laptop’s battery life.

  1. Battery saver mode:
    All laptops are designed with this feature, which, when activated, adjusts the background component settings in such a way that the power consumption is minimized.
  2. Unused devices and accessories:
    All the components running within or attached to the laptop need power to perform. To save power, unplug some of the accessories and unused devices that take up much of the precious battery life. Detach any USB mouse, external hard disk drives not immediately being used. Devices such as Bluetooth, wireless network, graphic processors and optical drives are major power drainers that could be disabled, if not in use.
  3. Brightness, resolution and sound settings:
    100% screen brightness and high resolution are not always required, especially when the battery life is dwindling. Adjusting the brightness to a comfortable minimum, say 50% and the screen resolution to 1366 by 768, enables you to work a little longer. Muting the laptop would also buy some time while not affecting the work at hand.
  4. Applications and processes:
    Multiple apps and processes keep running in the background that we mostly ignore. Checking the Task Manager and the Processes Tab helps us identify those that can be turned off without the system’s performance being affected.
  5. Single Tasking:
    Most often, we tend to multitask with many windows open at the same time. However, it would be prudent to work on a single task at a time to save power.
  6. Battery Care:
    Many of us are unaware of the way the laptop battery can be cleaned and maintained. Efficient power flow gets affected if the metal contacts where the battery is nestled in the system get dirty or damaged. Alcohol and cotton would instantly clean away the dirt from the contacts, but professional help is required to repair damaged contacts.
  7. Defragmentation of hard disk drive:
    Defragmentation(organized file storage) of hard disk drive,if done every couple of months,enables the system to spend lesser time searching for files. This would, in turn, strain less on the battery power.
  8. RAM:
    RAM helps the system to use computer memory as opposed to the hard disk drive for running program instructions. So a greater amount of RAM can help you save more power.
  9. Battery charging:
    A battery, when charged up to 85% instead of full, performs well and reduces long run battery degradation.
  10. Optimum conditions:
    Finally, working in optimum temperature helps keep the system cool and well-lit room helps reduce screen brightness, enabling lower pull on the battery life.